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 No spam!

It is strictly prohibited to use any of the resources offered by eListas for the purpose of sending unsolicited email messages or "spam". Please read Clause 2 of our Terms of Service which deals with this issue.

Using a language that anyone can understand, we can't stand spam. Not only we don't like to receive it in our own email accounts, but also we don't tolerate anyone using our resources to perform this type of activity.

   What does eListas understand as spam?
   What does eListas do to fight or avoid spam?

What does eListas understand as spam?

Some kinds of spam are too clear to even try to justify them, but sometimes the difference between a spam and an off-topic message may not be that clear.

In general terms, any email message sent to any person who has not explicitly expressed they would like to receive such messages, by means of a confirmation process (commonly denominated "confirmation opt-in" or "double opt-in") is considered spam. Again, the Clause 2 of our Terms of Service is very clear as to what is not allowed when it comes to sending unsolicited email messages.

Other than that, eListas will also understand as spam:

  • Chain messages: "send this message to five friends, etc."

  • MAKE MONEY FAST messages.

  • Messages that encourage to visit a site by using an affiliate code.

  • Messages with the only purpose of selling or promoting a product or service not directly related to the topic of the list.

  • "Mail broadcasting" or messages with several email addresses in the "To" or "Cc" fields.

  • Test messages with a subject or body indicating "test, do not read" or similar, when they are sent to more than one list in a brief period of time, and they include some web URL or signature advertising a site, service or product.

These are just some examples. The eListas team will review each complaint on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to accept ot reject any message from any sender or originating server at any time.

What does eListas do to fight or avoid spam?

We will do absolutely anything that is necessary to protect our clients and users from spammers. Although sometimes it is impossible to avoid receiving spam, eListas takes the following preventive measures:

  • The email addresses of the members are never shown on any web page. Only list moderators have access to the email addresses of the lists they moderate.

  • List hosted at eListas or associated sites will never accept a message sent to a list, unless the email address of the list appears in the "To" or "Cc" fields. This behavior cannot be modified and by itself eliminates about 80% of the spam that hit our network.
  • eListas also automatically rejects any message with more than three list addresses in the "To" or "Cc" fields. If you really need to send a message to more than three lists, send it individually to each list. It is also good nettiquete to do so, as sending a message to more than one list at a time may conflict with the replies, etc.

  • List moderators can select from different configurations and moderation levels, to accept or reject subscriptors and/or messages, accept messages only from "trusted" users, etc. avoiding spammers subscribing to the list and send their spam.

  • List moderators can block any email address, so that messages sent to a list or trying to subscribe would be automatically rejected.

  • We use several spam filters at three levels: IP, email address/domains and message content. We don't use external block lists, simply because we have no control over what's added to those lists. All of the IPs and email addresses we add to our own block list are added after detecting spam from those sources and verifying that by blocking them there would be no false positives.

  • In eListas we take care of all spam complaints, and we take action quickly.

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