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eListas - Privacy Policy

We, the people behind eListas, are also Internet users, and just like you, we care about our own privacy when we surf the Internet. That is why our privacy policy was conceived so that all eListas users can have the utmost confidence that their information is kept confidential.

Please read the following information to understand our legal and moral commitment to the privacy of each and every eListas user.

Who has access to your data?

Except in some specific circumstances - mentioned later - absolutely nobody has access to the information you enter when registering with eListas, with the exception of yourself and some eListas employees should they need such access for maintenance reasons or to get in direct contact with you.

Can eListas disclose your information to third parties?

eListas will not sell, publish or deliver to third parties any of the private information entered by eListas users under any circumstance, except when we are required or feel obligated to do so for legal reasons only.

We might have to deliver personal information to a third party in order to protect our intellectual property, in any case always abiding to legal obligations.

What information does a list administrator have when I subscribe to their list?

When you subscribe to a list hosted by eListas, the list administrators have access to your email address as well as your name, the day you subscribed and your subscription preferences.

In some cases they may also have access to your demographic data.

What information is exposed when I send a message to a list hosted by eListas?

If the list is moderated, your message will be delivered to the list administrators. Should your message be accepted - or if you send it to a non-moderated list - the message will be delivered to all subscribers of the list, including your email address as well as the typical header information: delivery date, servers involved in the delivery and reception of the message, etc. eListas is not an anonymous remailer.

Does eListas have any interest in my personal information?

eListas uses several parameters to quantify certain general statistics, such as the number of subscribers, average of subscriptions per day. Under no circumstance will eListas use your personal information to create a personal profile of your habits.

eListas also produces and keeps for a limited period of time a history log of your access to the services offered by eListas, including web page access, emails sent and other information regarding your access to our services, such as date and time, IP from where you connect, account you sign in and actions performed on the site, with the sole purpose of having a mechanism that allows us to investigate service abuse or to provide better technical assistance whenever is required, for example when you contact our technical support team.

eListas is committed to not use these logs for commercial reasons of any kind, except in the cases just explained - abuse and support.

Will eListas use my email address to send me unsolicited emails?

Absolutely not! eListas will never use your email address to send you unsolicited email.

When someone creates a list in eListas, he or she is automatically subscribed to the list List-Owners@eListas.com, where we occasionally send information regarding our own services that we feel is important to all list owners. This list is never used for commercial purposes.

Sometimes we may also feel that we have to send a message to several or all registered users because we believe it is absolutely necessary to do so. However, before doing that we would likely use other channels such as the List-Owners@eListas.com list.

It is also possible that sometime an eListas team member might contact you personally for some specific reason.

What legal guarantee does eListas offers regarding the privacy of my data?

eListas takes very seriously the privacy of our users and clients, as well as the privacy and security of our systems; we follow these things very closely and have a 24/7 monitoring team. However, and although we have never had any security breach ever since we are in business, we cannot guarantee that nobody would ever break into our systems in the future. Also, much of the information that travels between your machine and ours, does it so in "plain text", that is, it does not travel encrypted, and so it is vulnerable from eavesdropping attacks.

For these reasons, eListas cannot be and is not responsible of any event that results in someone other than eListas or yourself from obtaining any information stored in our servers.

What should I do if I think my account has been compromised?

Send us immediately a message through the forms you can find in http://www.elistas.com/contact.html, indicating in the subject "SECURITY PROBLEM". Your message will be processed, depending on the seriousness of the problem, either immediately or within 24-48 hours.

Normally, when this happens, it is because your email address has been compromised before anyone can gain access to your account in eListas, so it is a wise thing to do to use a different email address in the meantime.

Remember, your account at eListas is only as safe as your email address. If someone gains access to your mailbox, they may also gain access to your account at eListas.

Regardless, we are happy to say that since we launched our services back in 1999, not a single person has ever broken into our systems. The security ratings for our services are among the highest, most secure services on the Internet.

eListas uses cookies Could this pose a security concern?

This question is answered extensively in the page eListas and cookies.

eListas uses advertising agencies. How do these agencies use my personal information?

eListas may work with one or several advertising agencies to provide advertising to users who, when registered with us, opted to receive occasional offers from our partners. The information we might share with these agencies is different depending on the agency, and it is specified in the specific Agreements indicated at the moment of signing up and opting to receive such offers.


Data acquisition and cancellation

eListas enforces a policy of zero tolerance regarding fraudulent data acquisition or submission. Not only eListas condones such practices, but will also work with the law enforcement whenever we consider that our services have been used by obtaining or submitting fraudulent information.

Personal data information will be cancelled whenever it is no longer needed for the purpose of which it was obtained in the first place. Such data will not be kept in our files in such ways that might be used to identify a particular individual for a period longer than what was needed for the purpose of which it was obtained.


Modifications and Revisions

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed periodically to make sure that it serves the needs of eListas as well as our clients and users and the current legislature. We are not obligated to let our clients know about any changes to this policy, although we will always try to do so in advance. In order to keep yourself updated with this policy, please visit this page periodically.

Should you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please contact us by visiting http://www.eListas.com/contact.html.

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