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Subject:Re: [socialcredit] Re: Question for Anielski, Kjellberg, Almgren et al.
Date:Friday, October 22, 2004  09:29:31 (+0200)
From:Per Almgren <info @........se>
In reply to:Message 270 (written by Swieto Radosci)

At 21:59 2004-10-21, you wrote:

Bill Ryan wrote:
The assertion that interest is an "exponential
driver" is absolutely farcical.  It is a mathematical
formula and nothing else that may or may not be
applicable to a specific process.  A mathematical
formula does not "drive" anything.

Why not when it drives? It makes difference what matamatical formula you use to forecast future. Is it exponential formula (compound interest), multiplication (simple interest) or adding (fee)?

It makes real difference in the speed of that "drive" you mentioned. All corporational and governmental institutions forecast future on the basis of exponential growth, and not on slower formulas. Therefore we must drive faster and faster...


It is ridiculous
to speak of its "effects."  Moreover, the term
"compounding interest" as it applies in contracts is
utterly meaningless without knowing the period of
compounding.  With pond scum it is something we
determine through observation.  With contracts it is
determined through agreement between the parties, and
can be anything at all the parties agree to. 
Whatever the period of compounding might be as stated
in the contract, the underlying debt does not
compound unless interest is not paid when due and
therefore accrues to principal.  Whatever the
contracted rate and compounding period and payment
schedule it is translatable into the terms of
annualized simple interest.  So the simple interest
formula is just as applicable to the contractual
process as is the compound interest formula.  Basic

The possibility for the contractor part to pay the agreed interest is depending on other companies or peoples willingness to borrow more money, i.e. increasing their total debt, as long as the interest charged is not completely used for purchasing goods and services. If the new (increased) lending occurs the debt will rise exponentially together with the yearly interest costs. If new (increased) lending doesn't occur, the result will be less purchasing of goods and services and increasing rate of unemplyoment.
The new lending can of course be to the government that uses a deficit in the budget to pour out more (needed) money into the economy. If this lending comes from a governmentally owned central bank, as was the case in Sweden more than 10 years ago, it would in fact be interest-free since the profit of the central bank was handed over to the government. Now when Sweden has become a member of the European Union, this is no longer possible (actually forbidden by the EU treaty).
If people are just hoarding cash money instead of buying, this will also require new lending, but less since the hoarded money doesn't call for interest payments.
Per Almgren

Yes, basic, but most sophisticated math says as something about financial imperatives of compounded growth included in all prognosis made by corporations. Corporations and careers of top managers are built on compound growth, yearly checked by governments and owners. If not growing exponentially, corporations are dying because capital is withdrawn from them.


Kristof Levandovski


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