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Subject:[socialcredit] Letter published by the Edmonton Senior, January Issue, 2008
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2008  02:48:59 (-0700)
From:Wallace Klinck <wmklinck @....ca>

The following letter, published by the Edmonton Senior magazine, January 2008 Issue, is pasted below for your interest.

Edmonton Senior

January, 2008


Page 6

Social Credit

poses threat to

centralized power



   Lou Broten’s column (November 2007) “From Civic

Politics to the New World Order” is to be commended

for sounding the alarm re the treacherous and frightening

move toward “globalization” and the quickening political

activities directed to amalgamation of the nations of the

world into an increasingly centralized world state or “New

World Order.”

   Removal of the locus of political power evermore distant

and beyond the control of the individual citizen portends

establishment of the ultimate tyranny.

   Mr. Broten’s references to the influences giving impetus

to this sweeping move toward centralization of world

power seem apropos in consideration of such unequivocal

statements from such as David Rockefeller, quoted from his

autobiography Memoirs:


   “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either

end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized

incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate

influence they claim we wield over American political

and economic institutions.

   “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working

against the best interests of the United States, characterizing

my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring

with others around the world to build a more integrated global

political and economic structure – one world, if you will.

If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”


   Mr. Broten’s reference to the Social Credit movement,

especially its policy as originally advanced by the late

Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, is especially relevant inasmuch

as genuine Social Credit  policy would empower each

citizen, through appropriate financial reform, producing

growing independent income and falling prices by means of a

universal National (Consumer) Dividend and Compensated

Price. Social Credit poses the greatest threat to the policy of

centralized power.

   His resort to Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, for a

definition of Social Credit is, however, unfortunate.

The description presented by Webster’s is almost an entire

misrepresentation of Social Credit.

   Douglas did not propose to distribute the profits of industry

to the consuming public. His economic analysis revealed

an exponentially increasing insufficiency, in each successive

production cycle, of effective consumer income distributed,

compared with the prices generated within that cycle by

industry – a disparity largely resulting from the premature

cancellation of consumer income consequent to added

allocated capital charges recovered in consumer prices at

point of sale.

   Orthodox financial policy attempts to “bridge” this financial

chasm by increasing debt issued for current consumption

as an inflationary charge to be recovered from future

cycles of production. The major economic problem

is that in consumer prices the consumer is properly charged

with capital depreciation but, quite improperly, not credited

with capital appreciation.

   The Social Credit Consumer Dividend and Price

Compensation would be financed by consumer credits

issued from outside the industrial costing system. They

would substitute for the billions of dollars of money currently

created as consumer debt via bank loans.  Unlike the

vast amounts of money created as loans by the banking

system as exponentially expanding debt, the Social

Credit consumption credits, not


Continued on page 17


accounted as debt, would create no new financial costs

and would be available to liquidate the earlier debts of

industry contracted as bank loans to initiate the processes

of production.

   What Douglas advocated was the conferring upon each

individual  citizen, in effect, of an increasing and inalienable

beneficial share in the communal capital in the form of

increased purchasing power – so as to establish a condition

wherein all citizens might enjoy increasing economic

security “wherein none could make them afraid.”

   Social Credit is not designed to stimulate consumption, as

such, but rather to allow citizens to claim, dynamically and

without incurring debt as a mortgage on their futures,

what they choose willingly to produce within the context of

free association.

   They will no longer be required to produce additional goods,

increasingly  superfluous and destructive. Rather than being

impelled into increasingly frenetic pseudo-economic activity,

citizens can be expected to opt for increasing leisure in the

context of a civilized cultural milieu. The object is a genuine

and balanced state of freedom, abundance and leisure.

   This is in contradistinction to the present orthodox financial,

and, indeed communist, socialist and fascist, tyrannical

state policy of “full-employment”– a policy the results of

which Douglas called “the tragedy of human effort.”


Wallace M. Klinck

Sherwood Park, Alberta





#200, 10621 - 100 Ave.

Edmonton, AB T5J 0B3

(780) 425-1185

(780) 429-1610

Fax (780) 421-7677

www.seniorsGOtravel.com www.SeniorsDaily.net

E-mail: abrnews@shaw.ca

Published by:

Alberta Business Research Ltd.

Publisher: Lorne Silverstein

Editor: Colin Smith

Assistant Editor: Jeannie Chua

Production: Mike Garvie

Accounting/ Records: Sue Dowling

Office: Melody Archer

Website Co-ordinator: Tracy Barrett

Advertising Consultants:

Greg Braun, Harvey Hughes, Ron Krausert,

Reesa MacGregor, Rita Silverstein

Golf Promotions: Reesa MacGregor

Circulation Co-ordinator: Francois Laplante

Project contributors include:

Lou Broten, Denise Daubert, Denzel Fenn,

Albert Fernando, Tom Hind, Max Solbrekken,

Bob Parsons, Andy Phillpotts, Don Robertson

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PageMaster Publication Services Inc.

425-9303 (production only) www.pagemaster.ca



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