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Subject:Re: [socialcredit] Back up Gordon Brown for such reforms
Date:Wednesday, February 6, 2008  15:36:23 (+1300)
From:William Hugh McGunnigle <wmcgunn @.........nz>
In reply to:Message 5238 (written by Eric Encina)

Hi Eric
         While I broadly agree with your sentiments with respect to Gordon Brown's comments about monetary reform, it is significant that the British Labour Party (Gordon Brown's governing party in the British Parliament) have only begun to take this matter seriously with the arrival of a specific Monetary Reform party (from 2005) on the British political scene. Their policies appear to be based on the work of Major Douglas and so could be classified as a Social Credit Reform Party. This is the first time that a monetary reform party has been actually formed in the UK with the specific purpose of contesting the political scene.
    It is highly possible that Mr Brown's comments are a knee-jerk reaction to prevent possible defection of support for his own Labour Party to this new party on the UK electoral scene.
   Needless to say your comments that we should endorse any comments by any prominent world political leader on monetary reform are both pertinent and essential at this time. It seems obvious that the financial gurus controlling world finances are extreemly concerned at the possiblity of a global financial meltdown, and are probably priming politicians into thinking of a fresh "Bretton Wood's " conference to reorganise the world's finances along lines that will favour them. We are obliged to ensure that our approach to financial stability is kept in the forefront of such possible reforms specifically to ensure that everyone on the planet benefits by monetary reform and not a favoured few.
           Bill McGunnigle
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 7:38 PM
Subject: [socialcredit] Back up Gordon Brown for such reforms

Hi there!
I suggest that what we need is to back up and thus encourage Gordon Brown for such reforms to materialise.
More peoples  to supporting Gordon Brown's statements at WEF would be the better for ramifications. We can use his own words for such reforms.
I have my own fear but I hope Gordon Brown would not retract for such open statements for such reforms of the international financial system targetting the WB.
We have to be solution-minded with persistence to convince Prime Minister Gordon Brown to on for such reforms. Let us strike whilst the iron is hot. And for this reasons,  I also  therefore invite others, anyone of you  to send an email to Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the matters. Let us try and try to test the water. If Gordon Brown is sincere enough, then he would help monetary reformers and Social Crediters to authentically reform the money system before he could realistically suggest TO REFORM THE WORLD BANK. Reform first the money system before we can reform the WB and the IMF.
Annual World Economic Forum alone could not effect for authentic change, but this is the work of whole humanity to reform the financial system, i.e. the voice of humanity that matters, not just the opinions of the world leaders.
The statement of Gordon Brown whether or not it was just a kind of personal opinion or from his personal conviction or possibly a remose of conscience, could be a key to be repeatedly addressed to world political and economic or monetary leaders. I also believe that world leaders are aware that there is something structurally flawed in the financial-economic system. In the case of Gordon Brown, he might have felt some remorse of that the system of economic and finance we are in. He is concerned to humanity, to poor nations and inhabitants and to climate change and he is aware that humanity at large is entrapped by the wrong system and operations. He would like to adjust the system that is to be attuned to the problems of today.
And I think the reform of the money system must begin in reality in the UK, then to be followed by USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union countries, third world nations and the rest of the world.
As for me, I am inclined to continue to keep the words of Gordon Brown whether he would retract or not in the future. His statements in front of world leaders remained strong to ripple for change, per se, world monetary reform.
Eric V. Encina
Roxas City, Capiz,

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