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Date:Monday, February 25, 2008  17:39:06 (-0800)
From:Eric Encina <ericencina @.....com>
In reply to:Message 5268 (written by Javier M. Claparols)

"Javier M. Claparols" <jmc1@mozcom.com> wrote:

Re: [socialcredit] THE REASON FOR MASS EXODUS of Young Filipinos The Extractive Industry (gas, oil and mining) are finite resources.  Having said that let us look at the sustainability of these industries.  Peak oil is a reality which the Industrial Revolution peaked after World War II and production and consumption never took into account the environmental and social costs to the communities where they operated.  They have and still do have a bad legacy of corruption, conflict instigated by industry and governments.  In the Philippines we have the Marinduque Island experience when the mine tailings dam broke open and unleashed all the toxic waste into our rivers, farmlands, groundwater and into the marine ecosystem.  There in the Niger Delta problem where Shell continues to fund both the rebels and government (divide and conquer) inspite of repeated calls by the people and the UN.  All of these in the name of development but for who and for what?  Once they have taken the gas, oil, minerals they leave with our natural capital leaving us with practically nothing.

We have a 4% forest cover left and all our fertile soil are washed away.  If logging to fill the insatiable hunger of the few Corporations and Governments for profit is considered sustainable than I am afraid the whole logic of development for the local communities is all wrong.  

There are needs in our agricultural sector which comprises more than 40% of the work force which should be our priority and to uplift these sector from the dictates of Foreign Lending Institutions such as the IMF/WB/ADB etc.  We are rich in biodiversity which sustains all LIFE!  Now we are considered by the IUCN-World Conservation Union as a mega-diverse biodiversity hotspot which will not be able to sustain the over 80 million Filipino’s.  In Europe they have been able to maintain their agriculture in an organic self-sufficient manner.  The fabled Green Revolution was nothing more than a for profit initiative to allegedly solve the world’s hunger dependent on oil.  Where are we now?  They come up with a technical quick fix solution now called Genetic Engineering or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’S).  Let us learn from the past lessons.

The Philippines is an Island Archipelago of 7107 islands.  We are rich with marine and terrestial natural capital, let us conserve and sustain these richness for the good of the people foremost the Filipino’s and than share whatever reserves we have with the rest of the globally community.  Only than can we say that development is for all of humanity.  

Let me paste a quote from Dwight Eisenhower which was relevant than and more so now:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.  The world in arms is not spending money alone.  It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

The war machine is a non productive drain on economic resources.  The manufacture of submarines and bombs contributes nothing to improved standards of living.  Annual military spending is estimated to be $850 billion, almost half of it being from the United States.  It is estimated that redirection of 30% of military spending in 10 years could eradicate world poverty."

May I add that as a young 1st. Lt., President Eisenhower served in the Philippines during the Commonwealth Period.

On 2/23/08 8:07 AM, "Eric Encina" <ericencina@yahoo.com> wrote:

The reason for the mass exodus of young Pinoy migrant workers

By Alfredo Reyes, logwatch

Friday, February 22, 2008
A non-government organization recently attributed the lack of employment opportunities as the main reason why many Filipinos, particularly the young people, are seeking jobs in other countries.
This was a rejoinder to the statement of Fr. Edwin Corros, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), who voiced concern over reports that Filipinos seeking jobs abroad are getting younger.
Francisco S. Javier, secretary of the Penpower for Democracy and Good Government (PDGG), said that instead of helping provide jobs for our young people, some bishops and priests had been working for the closure of mining firms and other manufacturing industries giving revenues to the government and thousands of employment.
He cited a recent open letter to President Gloria Mapacagal Arroyo that appeared in a national newspaper signed by the bishop of Tandag who is also CBCP’s vice president, the parish priest of Bislig City and two other church people seeking the closure of a wood-based industry there over unfounded and baseless charges.
He pointed out that the signatories included known illegal loggers with many pending cases against them, squatters and land speculators out to take over the forest holdings of the company.
Javier also cited the bishop of Albay who almost succeeded in aborting the Rapu-Rapu flagship mining project in the province over fish kill reports and other environmental bugaboos that turned out to be a hoax as established by concerned agencies.
He said that the mine had now on its employ over 1,000 people in the erstwhile marginal fishing village, but because of the incessant calls for its closure by the bishop and allied environmentalists, the mining firm might close down for good.
“If these church people succeed in padlocking all industries they perceived as evil, our young people will have no place to go but in other countries where many end up as domestic helpers or entertainers,” he said.

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Dear Sir/Madam:


Debt-fuelled money creation and its effects of loans to foreign lands causes environmental destruction. MINING IS FINANCED BY BANKING SYSTEM. Mining in itself is not per se bad, but it depends on what methods in  use and what motives they have. We need minerals and underground wealth for survival  but for general and mutual use without abuse and injustice.

I SUPPORT MINING IN A VERY LIMITED SCOPE AND MANNER, IN A LESS HAZARDOUS OR IF POSSIBLE IN MINING INDUSTRY USING ADVANCE TOOLS WITHOUT THE USE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS. Chemicals are inevitable in extraction but these could be used in discretion and in segregation or in isolated places with high respect and care to environment.

I do not support any form of greed and avarice such as those foreign mining companies destroying our environment. We need just sharing in the process.

What is good in debt free money is that there would be economic democracy to everyone in the form of extra basic income to be guaranteed to everyone from the cradle to the grave.

 China is doing this financial method, that's why they are financially and economically powerful in SE-Asia. China is not dependent to USA, IMF and WB because has its own unique way of creating money without being in debt.


Social Credit visions the debt free money creation for good of humanity.

Many experts, economists, politicians and bankers believe and assume that the international debt crisis is so complex. But who makes it so complex?  They are pretending to be   ignorant about it. They know all about it and yet they keep on their conspiracy to continue hiding the ugliness and crime   of debt money system because of their vested interest and profits. But to Social Crediters, Monetary Reformers and economic and monetary activists, it is not so. The monetary reformers know the solution and we have the alternatives. We have presented   such solutions and alternatives many times for many years but rejected. The so-called economic peritus or experts to whom we rely for too long on debt issue, money, poverty problems  have taken us over to wrong direction of the financial enslavement of the debt-usury system of money creation by the banking system with millions of daily casualties, hopelessly struggling to survive to death in the Philippine countryside.


The Philippine debt crisis has not been abated but in fact it is getting enormously apocalyptic than ever killing more millions of Filipinos in savage cruelty.  As a Filipino Monetary Reformer and activist for economic and monetary justice, working for a mission for alternatives, I experience daily and witness the inhuman sufferings and difficulties of fellow Filipinos in the countryside in rural and urban villages, towns, provinces, and cities caused by the enormity of debt-related poverty owed and contracted by our successive government administrations to multilateral and bilateral financial institutions in the developed world. Dreadful poverty at the national level is parasitically permeating down to the   lives of the poof and the most vulnerable Filipinos in the countryside. The burden  of the dollar induced debts to transnational banks borne by the poor with billions of pound upon their back, who pay for interest charges a the cost of human life.  Payment of interest in terms of income reduction, under-funding or no more funding for health and education services and more and or forceful collection of taxes are really terrible. BANK CREATED MONEY OR DEBT MONEY SYSTEM LEADS TO DEPRIVATION AND MARGINALISATION OF THE POOR FILIPINO POPULATION INTO IRONIC STAGE OF PERPETUAL FINANCIAL HEMORRHAGE.

Philippine dollar induced debts are onerous. We have more than enough of debt payments always being prioritized (getting almost 50% of the national budget) above any item in public expenditures, including education, health, housing, environment and agriculture. The Filipino people who are oppressed by the system want to cancel or write off debts to IMF, WB, ADB and to most bilateral rich creditors in the West. We want to stop payments of interest to US banking institutions such as to US EXIMBANK and J.P. Morgan Banking and to others, those debts that go to graft-ridden and environmentally-destructive projects in the countryside. We want to be free from the calamitous consequences of colossal debt bondage, iniquitous and stiff taxes imposed by the international bankers, non-existent public services, skyrocketing interest charges and rates and the negative impacts of loan at interest   conditions. ABOVE ALL WE WANT TO BE FREE FROM THE ENSLAVEMENT OF THE MOST PERNICIOUS WESTERN-BASED DEBT-MONEY-SYSTEM.


To radically cure the problem of the present miserable poverty in the Philippines, first, we must get out from the present defective financial system, cancel all   debts, for these are all odious debts (we have paid more than enough) under the tricks of the banking system. We must resist by all possible means with prowess and strong public opinion to  repudiate further  payments of interest both domestic and foreign debts. Filipinos must stop paying taxes. Reform the banking system, that is, to return to government the sole power of money creation debt and interest free or the so-called GOVERNMENT CREATED MONEY THROUGH THE CENTRAL BANK (in contrast with privately-bank created money as a debt with interest) according to natural resources and needs of the population.  MONEY GETS ITS VALUE ROM PRODUCTION AND MUTUAL CONFIDENCE. Money is a national matter, not a private matter for private interest and profits. In a more clear understanding, the Philippine government must take back its prerogative on money creation debt and interest free. Give a national dividend to each citizen from the cradle to the grave as a right of citizenship and the share of the country’s abundance and progress.


It is also imperative that Philippines must cut off its membership to IMF and WB of the G-8 nations, and it is necessary to revise or change the  defective provisions of the PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION in the light of alternative debt free money system. The Filipino government leaders and officials must then get in time to implement national money reform or Social Credit Economic Policy to be participated by the whole educated population as enlightened by money reform proposals for the issues of debt and poverty. With new clean economics and politics of monetary reform, the Government will order the Central Bank – as the sole government’s financial institution as nationalized on financial and credit matters and as administrator of Filipino people’s money, TO CREATE THE MONEY DEBT AND INTEREST FREE based on the production capacity in the country and the real needs of the government and the population. The private banking institutions will remain in their operation but very limited to their functions as monitored by the Government. Their fractional reserve debt money system will be strictly prohibited. Bankers can continue to keep money not as their own but only as accountants and administrators of Filipino people’s money. THEY MUST NEITHER ASK NOR REQUIRE INTEREST CHARGES OR ANY PERCENTAGE OF USURY FROM THE LOANS THEY GRANT BUT MUST ONLY RECEIVE SERVICE FEES ON THEIR SERVICES IN THE MONETIZATION OF PEOPLE’S MONEY.

The Filipino bankers and the economists   themselves must be reformed and must unite to be of potential resistance against the International Bankers’ monopoly of credit. They can be of great help for the effective implementation of money reform to cure poverty. Bankers must stop their greed and avarice for profits. This is one of the   essential solutions to realize the equitable distribution of wealth in the Philippines.


Once the government gives orders to do so, the bankers are duty-bound to obey the monetary reform law. Under the GOVERNMENT-CREATED-DEBT-FREE MONEY SYSTEM, there will be balance between the money of the consumers and the prices of the goods and services. The Government will be capable of financing its fiscal expenditures such as public works, environmental improvement and health matters effectively from the new creation of money through debt-and-interest-free scheme, not from savings, not from loans, not from taxes and not from foreign aid any more. And finally, the Central Bank through the mandate of the Philippine Government will procure and provide the NATIONAL DIVIDEND or supplementary basic income or debt-free monetary credit to every citizen in a monthly or yearly basis without any means test or conditions or discriminations. The dividend scheme to every Filipino citizen, is a debt-free money as a share of the abundance of the country’s wealth and progress. Every Filipino citizen is a co-contributor and a co-heir of the country’s progress. A NATIONAL DIVIDEND TO BE PROVIDED TO EVERYONE FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE WILL CERTAINLY CURE AND PREVENT POVERTY OF MILLIONS OF FILIPINOS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. With the financial-economic security  to be guaranteed through this national dividend scheme or citizen’s income or supplementary basis income to be equally provided buy the Philippine Government, the Filipino people will have the chance of living with security and harmony with each other and the peaceful life and better world will be possible. Therefore, 75 Millions or whatever rate of population growth we have annually are not a problem but will be guaranteed of  P25,000 or US$500 – whether or not the citizens have other incomes from other sources. This national dividend scheme that can certainly ameliorate and augment the bare necessities of life, coming from the creation of the new money debt and interest free from the existing wealth, production and capacity of the country and as computed according to the needs of the general population, IS WITHOUT DEBT TOWARDS ANYBODY. It is the only precise implementation of the ‘financial-economic justice for all’ – the most humane and Christian principle for the attainment of the economic security for the Filipino people as the founder Social Credit – C.H. Douglas has boldly declared: ‘THE DISTRIBUTION OF CASH TO INDIVIDUALS SHALL BE PROGRESSIVELY LESS DEPENDENT UPON EMPLOYMENT. THAT IS TO SAY THAT THE DIVIDEND SHALL PROGRESSIVELY DISPLACE THE WAGE AND SALARY.” However, it must be clearly elaborated to the consumers and retailers (to the people in general) that under the compensated discount of Social Credit Monetary Reform policy, the Central Bank will decree a general discount on retail prices. This means that the consumers will only pay less then the costs or prices of   goods of the retailers. The same Central Bank of the Philippines through its channels, designated banks and post offices and agencies will pay back to the retailers the amount of the prices that was discounted.  This is however an opposite of the sales tax and value added tax where the most of the general consumers are deprived to buy in satisfaction of their basic needs because of the lack of money in front of the expensive prices of such goods. This is also to increase the buying power to the level of production. More production means more money. Production is affected by the shortage of money.




Let’s us be honest in our diagnosis. Most of the Philippine provinces are in astronomical debts: municipal, city and provincial debts,  to be precise,  as the reflection and effect of the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT’S HUGE INDEBTEDNESS  under the debt money system. The provincial citizens are moaning and groaning in dreadful poverty, economically impoverished and in the cruel circumstances of death because of the chronic shortage or absence of money. Without overseas remittances, Filipinos in the provinces would not survive for long.


Most of the provincial government officials are not effective to help the poor, and at times helpless to do or implement any development or rehabilitation projects without debts and additional burden to citizens. It is because of the lack of money or necessary funds. In our Capiz province alone, population here is continuously fluctuating between hope and despair in the holocaust of uncertainty, insecurity, in grinding poverty affecting the senior citizens and  ageing members of the community, also saddled by man-made and natural calamities. We are suffering in our province despite of the fact of the existence of natural resources, God-given wealth, manpower and  progress.  Unfortunately, this progress is superficial and connected to debt and corruptions. We are suffering because of the ‘control of money’ of the debt-based economy. Many people do not know anymore on how to wrestle, tackle and withstand poverty and chronic shortage of money. Bankruptcies and violent crimes are rampant as the reflection of the defective financial-economic structures of the national government.




Despite of the fact that Philippines is belong to third world or to fourth world nations, there is already undeniable plenty of human commodities, products and resources for human life survival either produced locally or imported but prohibited to be consumed, some or many are decaying, expired or destroyed, because of the chronic shortage of money as necessary to obtain them. This results to a disastrous paradox that people experience and witness the most debilitating, torturing, brutalizing and back-breaking and nerve-wracking loads of poverty, widespread hunger, debts and chaos and hundreds of thousands of children in our province and millions in the countryside are suffering actual hunger, malnutrition, diseases, starvation, deprivation, abuses and savage  cruelty of death because of the lack and absence of money, purchasing power  or financial credit.


I urgently propose local currency or community currency circulating notes for the local economy as the best economic alternative in order to save groaning poor Filipinos in the province and in  all Philippine provinces, and strengthen Capiz province and all provinces for stable local economy. One of these is to set up a Provincial Monetary Currency Committee to be headed by the Honorable Governor and the Provincial Board Members to create and print the Philippine Peso money necessary to meet the needs. With the approval of the President, with the stamps of the Department of Finance and its Bureau of Treasury, the Capiz province can create and print the EMERGENCY CIRCULATING LOCAL CURRENCY NOTE IN PHILIPPINE PESO for 2005-2010 only exchangeable within the province of Capiz for trading purposes. With the political and economic will for local stability and survival of the inhabitants while major national monetary reform is being pursued for possible legislation and implementation, and with the authority of the local government officials, and the needed requirements, there will be a necessary increase of money supply circulation in the province I the form of newly-created debt-free money as emergency local circulating note to help save the groaning poor inhabitants poorly financed Provincial Government. This proposal   is very possible as it is successful in the Island of Guernsey, UK (Visit: www.visitguernsey.com).


With alternative/local or community currency circulating in the province of Capiz, it will help to stimulate good flow of production and in harmony to consumption with less and less misery. There will be improvement of the purchasing power in front of the cash prices of basic essentials, and will progressively provide financial-economic security to every citizen in the province. We will be less dependent on foreign loans, aid and will consequently lessen graft and corruptions.


The main purposes of the local/community currency circulating debt and interest free money are the following in the interim measure or in support to future development projects in the province of Capiz or in any or all provinces in the Philippines:


1.     to improve and modernize the province.

2.     to help, save and enrich the poor inhabitants through the form of supplementary basic income or dividend. There are so many poor whose lives have been ruined by unemployment, lack or absence of opportunities, poverty, debts, diseases, hunger, injustice, violence, political chaos and parties, insurgency, debacle of natural and man-made calamities and difficult struggles for survival.

3.     to build homes for the homeless families and beggars.

4.     to build and re-build more schools and alternative study buildings for the unschooled and uneducated inhabitants.

5.     to build or re-build really concrete roads from the villages and mountains to towns and cities or from villages to markets, schools and churches.

6.     to totally prevent poverty and prevent poverty traps in the future.


Many communities and provinces and peoples suffer from the lack of a sufficient supply of means of exchange, i.e. money. This is presently causing a decline in a sense of community, in the relations of socio-economic solidarity among the community members or provincial citizens as they compete for SCARCE MONEY, with the rampant results of increasing crimes, violence and community degradation. The solution propose here is to facilitate local currency scheme or a three-way barter in the marketplace by issuing a MARLETPLACE CURRENCY. Everyone has something they can do for others, and something that they need from others. This can be used in a marketplace in which goods are traded, and  socio-economic solidarity is developed.


In this age of  plenty,  automation and computerization, money could be the easiest thing to create and print. There is no shortage of paper,  ink and machine to do so. What is primordial is the need of “economic will” for sustainable local economy. With enough money supply in circulation, the provincial  or local government(s) will be able to creatively respond to build up environmentally-friendly sustainable livelihood projects for the long-term for the benefit of the present and generations yet unborn.  The province (and all  Philippine provinces applying the same schemes and alternative proposals) will incur no additional debts to the private/commercial/international banking institutions of monopoly of mafia men and will no longer depend on foreign aid that oftentimes with strings attached and conditions. There will be no so much provincial and national fiscal crisis but development and prosperity for all Filipinos.


As a Filipino Monetary Social Crediter and Monetary  Reformer, this has been my initial proposal for our local circumstances to help and save the inhabitants in the most degrading poverty and financial hemorrhage. Certainly, we need more consultations and studies for the effective implementation of the schemes. This is a radical initiative for economic alternatives and monetary reform towards   sustainable living. This can give us a guaranteed   freedom from the enslavement of debt finance and debt-related poverty in the Philippines.




 Eric V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer

Permanent and Legal Address:

c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km2, Brgy. Lawa-an, PO Box 8, 5800 Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines

Free emails: ericencina@yahoo.com

Present and Temporary Address:

Eric V. Encina
Brgy. Hulo, Mandaluyong,
Metro Manila,

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