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Subject:Re: [socialcredit] We are looking for a good latinist to translate"Adversus usuram"
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2008  13:00:16 (-0600)
From:Bob Taft <rbtaft @.........net>
In reply to:Message 5291 (written by Martin Hattersley)

The quote sounds like part of the Jubilee Year understanding.  No one to own land, only its productivity, which is dependent upon the owners' labors.  Every seven times seven (fiftieth year) all land is to revert to its original owners/operators.
If I may do so, I'll offer here again my recent call for a Jubilee Year readjustment.  I posted this in a number of groups and was over-whelmed by a good two responses.  Either no one understands the nature of the Jubilee Year, or they are quite satisfied with their present enslavement.  Freedom does entail a measure of self-responsibility that few are accustomed to.  Maybe my inclusion of all energy forms as needing adjustment was confusing.  All do need a recapitulation and the Jubilee Year adjustments should be a part of that, should there be any desire to salvage the current civilization.
Tesla showed us how to get free electrical energy a hundred years
ago down in Colorado Springs. Every time someone comes up with a
viable energy solution they are stopped dead (often quite literally)
in their tracks. Still many come forward as the three urls indicate
that follow. Free energy is here NOW. It just needs to be placed
in production. For those anxious for an impossible civil war to
take back the freedoms they've never had, just make up an army to
keep the designers of free energy devices alive. That's far more
important than trying to get even with the destroyers of
civilization. The morons in the seats of world power aren't worth
our attention. If shunned, they will disappear eventually from
> http://www.millennialmotorsinc.com/index.html
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt5z8L4LBJE&feature=related
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2cZGYXYjJE
> I have never considered myself in any sense as a socialist. The
definition of government is "the collective irresponsibility of the
people." Socialism, in its several degrees is but "enforced
irresponsibility." Our allowed political philosophies always exist
way off on the left end of the total political spectrum which is a
gradient scale with Freedom on the far Right and Slavery on the far
Left. Another set of dichotomies which could be super-imposed on
the Freedom/Slavery scale could be Responsibility/Irresponsibility.
allowed the ancient political structure of Exodus 18:21 once more
there would be room for people of all political persuasions to co-
exist in a free society. I would avoid societal groups that promote
complete collectivism (total enforced irresponsibility.
> Having said that, it becomes obvious that there is one area of
economic production that SHOULD belong to all collectively. I refer
to all sources of created ENERGY, starting with the MONEY FLOW.
> "There is a basic axiom on money that is either unknown by
monetarists or ignored in favor of the many schemes used to enrich
the few at the expense of the many. It goes like this:
> "As universal prosperity is dependent upon the ability of Money to
flow (its "velocity"), nothing may be done to money that would in
any way impede that flow."
> "This would exclude things like using commodities for money (gold,
silver), adding bankers' gimmicks like interest to money, or in
giving money additional uses beyond its sole legitimate use as
a "medium of exchange."
> "Money needs to be "created" into circulation by a system's wealth
producers, never "borrowed" or "spent" into circulation by its
bankers or consumers. It needs nothing backing it but the integrity
of its issuers (in a second-rate democracy there can be no
> "That is the rule, though it cannot be applied in this time and
place. Money issuance is government's most sovereign prerogative,
yet in honest form is as unobtainable as is the only workable FORM
of self-government, a Republic. Exodus 18:21.
> "Had we a Republic, one of the very few prerogatives granted to
the upper levels of government would be money issuance, a completely
worthless medium of exchange, which being worthless would never be
hoarded but would be quickly spent for something that one coveted
for its intrinsic value. This velocity is what produces UNIVERSAL
prosperity. Lack of velocity is what creates wealthy and
impoverished classes of people, plus the struggling middle class
that actually produces the wealth, and unfortunately, their ranks
are constantly diminishing.
> "While debt-free money cannot be instituted at this time by
corrupt governments, obviously it can and is being utilized by some
communities around the world. This is the biggest advance in
monetary policy since the '30s when thousands of communities and
counties across America issued currency that circulated during the
Roosevelt bank holiday. Damn shame they quit it when the banks
reopened. They proved we don't need the banksters leeching off our
productivity. Another great advantage with Ithicahours or any local
currency is that it is not acceptable outside the local economy and
is therefore not siphoned off like a national or international
currency would inevitably be. Central banks, including and since the
first Bank of the US started by Hamilton do nothing for local
economies but allow wealth concentration in the hands of the few
while impoverishing the many.
> "This budding concept needs widespread distribution. It must be
instituted when present governmental structures and the monetary
systems they spawn collapse of their own internal rot and
> The basic axiom that applies to the money flow is equally
applicable to ALL ENERGY FLOWS. The developers of the flows are
entitled to profit therefrom, but NOT to the extent that they may
hold the world hostage to their perverse demands. At present they
are so powerful that they own all the major governments of the
world. They buy and sell legislators wholesale. They seat or
unseat national leaders at will. They must be removed from control
of our world if we are to have any future society worthy of being
called "civilized."
> First of course must be the total abolition of the jewish money
scam, THE BABYLONIAN WOE (David Astle, author). This includes the
insurance scam as well, and also any tax extortion agencies like our
IRS. The US government financed itself for 130 years on protective
tariffs and luxury taxes (duties, imposts and excises). The money
scam multiplies the cost of living in our world several times over.
There must be no interest piled atop the cost of ownership of
property. A hundred years and more ago the buyer and seller were
partners until the debt was paid. Fifty years ago before the
insurance scam became widespread, doctors did make house calls and
glad for the business.
> To get back to basic once more we desperately need the
reinstitution of the ancient system of Jubilee Years. This is
covered in DIGEST OF THE DIVINE LAW (Howard Rand, Destiny Pubs.,
Merrimac, Mass). There was a Jubilee Year every seventh year, and a
major one every seven times seven, when all property would revert to
its original owners. Kind of cleaned the stable didn't it? Rather
proves that modern jewry has no conceivable connection to the
ancient texts, does it not? This may seem a bit drastic in
our "degenerocratic" society yet of what earthly benefit does
society derive from the likes of a Rothschild or a Rockefeller
(as "power tends to corrupt, corruption tends to degenerate")? Why
should any society need such an imbalance of ownership of property?
In practice, the equalization of a Jubilee Year would never be as
unsettling as the first one we so desperately need, as the imbalance
of ownership created by the debt money system and its offshoots
would cease to produce the master/slave situation that presently
> There have been socialist attempts at redistributing property in
numerous countries, especially the communized ones, but such have
always been doomed to failure, for individual responsibility for
property and its products has always been monopolized by
governments. Collective responsibility is a delusion. Self-
responsibility is the only thing that keeps a society surviving and
afloat. It must never be made illegal or civilization is forever
doomed to these periodic crashes such as is about to befall our
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: [socialcredit] We are looking for a good latinist to translate"Adversus usuram"

Francois -

Let me know where I can find the text of this material, and I will take a
look at what I can do. I once received an Open Exhibition in Classics at my
university (Cambridge), but it's a long time since I had much to do with

Martin Hattersley, 5929-189 St.,
Phone & Fax: (780) 483-5442
e-mail <jmartinh@shaw.ca>

----- Original Message -----
From: "Fran莽ois de Siebenthal" <siebenthal@gmail.com>
To: <socialcredit@elistas.com>
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 3:51 PM
Subject: [socialcredit] We are looking for a good latinist to
translate"Adversus usuram"

Dear Friends for a better economical system.

Vix pervenit and *Lev. 25: 23* are the forgotten keys for a better
economical system leading to a true peace.

*Lev. 25: 23讻讙 讜职讛指讗指专侄抓, 诇止讗 转执诪指旨讻值专 诇执爪职诪执转只转--讻执旨讬-诇执讬, 讛指讗指专侄抓:
讻执旨讬-讙值专执讬诐 讜职转讜止砖指讈讘执讬诐 讗址转侄旨诐, 注执诪指旨讚执讬.23 And the land shall not be sold
in perpetuity; for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and settlers with
23 Les terres ne se vendront point 脿 perp茅tuit茅; car le pays est 脿 moi, car
vous 锚tes chez moi comme 茅trangers et comme habitants.*

We are looking for a good latinist to translate"Adversus usuram" of  O.P.
Concina Danielle which has 240 pages about Vix pervenit , each page has
about 2400 characters.

One standard A4 page (times 12 etc.) has about 3500

So "Adversus usuram" is equivalent to about 165 standard A4

Do you think it would be possible for you to translate it ?

Waiting for your answer,

Thanks and blessings   Pax in Bonum

More on


Avec mes meilleures salutations.
> Fran莽ois de Siebenthal
> http://desiebenthal.blogspot.com/
> www.de-siebenthal.com
> skype  siebenthal
> 00 41 21 652 54 83
> 021 652 55 03
> FAX: 652 54 11
> CCP 10-35366-2
> Pr茅sent :
> La femme est, comme toujours, l'avenir de l'homme...:-)
> http://www.union-ch.com/file/portrait.wmv
> www.suisse-plus.com
> http://www.non-tridel-dioxines.com/
> http://www.m-c-s.ch/   et
> www.pavie.ch/mobile
> www.pavie.ch


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Best regards,.
Bob Taft
The Taft Ranch
Upton, Wyoming
(307) 465-2206
"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man
who reads nothing but newspapers." [Thomas Jefferson]
"We hang the petty thieves and appoint
the great ones to public office." Aesop

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