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Subject:RE: [socialcredit] Shortage of staple food and hunger in the Philippines.
Date:Friday, March 28, 2008  05:33:45 (+1300)
From:Henry Raynel <henry.raynel @..........nz>
In reply to:Message 5317 (written by Eric Encina)

I congratulate you on your continued serious interest and you’re campaigning for New Economics of Major C H Douglas. Do not underrate the importance of the work you are doing. Do you keep your local Member of Parliament informed? We must stir grass roots and especially ALL ORGANISATIONS THAT WORK FOR AND REPRESENT GRASS ROOTS.  They have very strong influence and power over millions multi millions. Welfare organization there are hundreds and collectively they have power - workers union organizations, education organizations, and as you already know Churches and others producers organizations farmers organizations.

As I see it your country must regain the ownership and management of its money supply. Easy for me to say but I understand a huge task. Your Government has both the political power and the military power supports the Government. If people power get strong enough and advocate constructive policy, in policy Philippines must ask of policy simply for what they want most for their family’s food clothes shelter that could help most Philippines


Government must regain its sovereignty. The citizens of Society must regain their sovereignty. The voice of the determined “Will of the People” is the only power that can demand financial and other changes from your Government.

Your government is now responding to the greatest pressure and the greatest pressure is now coming from economists working for the International Financiers. Bank of International Settlements at the apex, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and their subsidiaries.

These are my points of view gathered from my studying of Major C H Douglas. I did house to house political campaigning in New Zealand selling New Economics and reasonably successful and this gave me confidence that C H Douglas strategy is correct. I am not good at public speaking and of course at 84 years old – I am too old for most work.  

When the voice of the people is stronger than the voice of financier’s economists: - Government will start to work to institute policies wanted by the people of society. Politicians love their fancy job and the perks and prestige that go with it. This is the main reason that they will work for the ‘Will of the People” when the people put their demands strong enough. I am convinced this is the only way of getting out of the poverty you have explained.


Yours very sincerely

Very best wishes

Henry Raynel.



From: Eric Encina [mailto:ericencina@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, 27 March 2008 11:21 p.m.
To: Social Credit
Subject: [socialcredit] Shortage of staple food and hunger in the Philippines.


                      Shortage of Staple Food and Hunger in the Philippines



                                             By Eric V. Encina



It is now very alarming  that after years of exporting of Philippine best products to foreign lands as pressured by competitive globalization and of course by huge national domestic and foreign debts and the aims to get US$dollars and other major currency revenues from imports to SERVICE the foreign debts, Philippines is now in the very serious edge of food crisis in times of dry seasons.


Philippines is now presently negotiating to import or buy 1.5 MILLION tons of rice from Vietnam to meet the staple rice food shortfall om 2008  costing around Philippine Peso 60 Billion or more or less US$1 Billion which is roughly equivalent of the 2008 total value of the Value Added Tax collections for fuel which would put the Philippine government  in a very tight spot of choosing between a "balanced budget or a balanced diet".  ANOTHER MAJOR PROBLEM HERE IS THAT THE MONEY TO BE USED TO PAY THE IMPORT OF RICE FROM VIETNAM WHICH IS MORE THAN THE BUDGET OF ANY GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT IN 2008, WHICH IS SECOND TO PAYMENT OF INTEREST TO IMF AND WB, IS THE MONEY COMING FROM FOREIGN BORROWINGS AT INTEREST.


The balanced budget target of the Philippine government for 2008 would be more impossible and it is when the payment of interest to foreign and international banks and the import of rice are of the priority items.


Millions of poor Filipinos would certainly suffer, for sure. Imported rice is also expensive. Even there would be tons of imported rice, if the majority of the Filipino people are  in the savage cruelty of povery and acute money problems, they cannot afford to buy rice prices.


Why it happened?



Simple. It is because the Philippine Government did not and does not prioritise the local economic development for sustainable living for the Filipino people. The Government has borrowed so much of Billions dollars, of yen, or Euros, or pounds sterling, etc. as it is a debt-addict in vicious cycles for the payments of interest and further borrowings again and again while billions of money from loans did not, do not feed down to the poor and the needy but for chacaneries, scamming and racketeering projects, for funding political ambitions, parties and maintaining power. THE GOVERNMENT,  PRESSURED OR UNDER CONTROL OF THE FOREIGN, INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS for their own insatiable interest, greed and avarice,  has intensified the IMPORTS OF OUR BEST PRODUCTS TO FOREIGN LANDS for foreign currency revenues as mandated by globalizations, but alas, to pay debts to foreign and international banks.


Poor Filipino farmers have been neglected around 20 million all over the Philippines. Agricultural or farming land are idled. Local farming industry has been neglected and even destroyed by the interest of the multinational corporations promoting GMO and chemically-based farming and being pressured by debt-financed that these poor farmers get hooked to chemicals and unrepayable debts.


Organic farming has been totally neglected and even discouraged. There has been no any subsidy for real for the poor Filipino farmers. My grandparents died as poor Filipino farmers without any subsidy from the government. Most of my family members in the villages and in the provinces are in poverty. Farming is not sustainable.


Even the efforts to initiate for change is a great challenge. Natural fertility of the soil is damaged. However, I believe there is a solution coming forth.


What we need to reform the money system to make more workable for the people and thus would provide economic security towards self-sustainability and right livelihood without pressures from debt finance. Second is to promote the naturally-organic methods of food growing for survival and and livelihood.





The Philippine government is now telling Filipinos to eat less rice in the face of rice food shortage. This is not acceptable. If we could re-read the history of French Revolution, and prior to that, the French Queen, known for her unbridled extravagance, asked an official why the people were rioting. The official answered, "BECAUSE THEY LACK BREAD." Queen Mari Antoinette rejoined. " IF THEY DON'T HAVE BREAD, LET THEM EAT CAKE."


But these government officials and bankers, economists are well-fed. We are told to eat root-crops only. Can we survive only on rootcrops daily? Rice is our staple food.  Steaks, poulty and fish fillets are simply beyond the reach of many Filipinos. Even vegetables from chemically-based farming are expensive; besides they don't stave off hunger for long. WHO showed that 33% of Filipino children are stunted and more than 20% are undeweight because of under nutrition. Only 2.4 % of the children are overweight, giving us an idea of the portion of rich Filipino families in relation to total starving Filipino population.


I strongly suggest to government officials that they should also eat less so that all of us would be on the same boat.



Philippine government has no any subsidy for agriculture or has cut down in the past due to pressures from WESTERN GOVERNMENTS THAT WANT US TO RELY ON THEM for our food needs, under the guise of "globalization". Philippines has once exported rice but now in dire need to import rice. Our government officials are so blinded bvy neocolonial patronage that they can't see the effects of imports just dollar revenues for payments of interest and for neglecting local farming and agriculture. So our Filipino people are starving.


The debt mone system is the major culprit and responsible for this worsening mess in the country. DEBT free money creation and the restoration to organic farming from the debt-free finance of the government are of the solutions to prevent hunger. Globalisation and debt-fuelled economy are driving us crazy and hungry.


THERE IS NO POINT TO PAY THE DEBTS TO IMF AND WB BOTH INTEREST AND THE CAPITAL. The country has paid more than too much. Better to kill us before doing that.



I welcome comments, suggestions, correction, rejoinder.



Thank you.



Eric V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer

Filipino Alternative Solutions For Sustainable Survival Movement

c/o Lito Ahambra Old House, Homesite, Km2,

Brgy. Lawa-an, PO Box 8, 5800 Roxas City, Capiz,



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