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Subject:[socialcredit] Replying to Palmerton: Why jobs disappear
Date:Thursday, June 4, 2009  08:28:29 (-0700)
From:william_b_ryan <william_b_ryan @.....com>

But the costs of production inherent to lending are a function of time.  They
are something like four times for a loan where the term is one year as compared
for a loan of three months.  The clearing system has to function for the duration
of the loans, otherwise the money that is borrowed becomes worthless.  Likewise,
the costs of production for a loan of ten years are ten times the costs of
production for a loan of only one year, and forty times the costs of production
for a loan of only three months.  Somebody has to pay these costs.  In the system
of free enterprise, they are allocated to the direct beneficiaries of the
loans--the borrowers.

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Subject: Re: [socialcredit] Replying to Rawson: Why jobs disappear
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009  13:02:00 (+0100)
From: Kenneth Palmerton <kenpalmerton@cix.compulink.co.uk>

Hi William.

There is a world of difference in a charge for a service, which I believe even
for bankers is legitimate, and the charging of recurring interest.

Quite often the usurers charge BOTH .



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