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Subject:Re: [socialcredit] replying to 'string' Why jobs disappear
Date:Thursday, June 4, 2009  15:05:36 (-0400)
From:Ed Goertzen <egoert @........com>
In reply to:Message 6799 (written by Kenneth Palmerton)

Hi Ken et al:

I would agree that Chartered Banks should get a fee for the service that they provide.

The problem as I see it is the "Bankers' Multiple".
That is, the CB's, when there was a fractional reserve system in place, were allowed to lend about 8 - 10 times the amount of legal tender savings they had on deposit from the general public. .

With deregulation, and the advent of creation and digitalization of Bank credit money, the multiple has in some instances reached 400 -1.

We have to also keep in mind that what is now an interest charge was originally a "risk" charge. That is, a risk that the bank credit lent out would not be repaid, or could not because the ship (the voyage of which was financed by the bank) sank.

Jobs disappear because (1) there is either an over supply of goods and services which  society needs or wants. or
(2) the goods and services are needed and wanted, but there is insufficient purchasing power in the hands of those who need and  want the goods and services.
Since all money is borrowed into existence, it is impossible for everyone, including corporations, to pay off their debts at the same time.

The economy is not drawn into activity by the needs and wants of the people, but is driven by everyone's need to pay off debt, which is impossible, unless we can live without a money supply.

Our money system incorporates a "deficit imperative".

Every business person knows that every economic entity comes into being as a deficit in the growth stage. It is only after the business is producing that it can begin paying off it's debt.

Ed G

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Hi William.

There is a world of difference in a charge for a service, which I believe
even for bankers is legitimate, and the charging of recurring interest.

Quite often the usurers charge BOTH .


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