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Subject:[socialcredit] Replying to Klinck: "Socialism and Social Credit"
Date:Monday, June 8, 2009  13:13:54 (-0700)
From:william_b_ryan <william_b_ryan @.....com>

The document is archived by some libraries, and I could have gotten it through
interlibrary loan.  But getting it this way was a lot faster.

I've read through it a couple of times.  It is well written and formatted, but
the arguments are the standard arguments against the Douglas economic theory. 
They are the same arguments that Robert Heilbronner put in his macro textbooks
published into the 1990s.  I can't help but think that Douglas and his colleagues
felt they weren't up to the task of defending it, and that might have motivated
them to stay away from the committee.  That is a shame, because some of Douglas'
best stuff is from where he was being interrogated by hostile interlocutors.  The
Douglas arguments in the pamphlet, as they stood at the time, 1935, are quite
accurately though cursorily stated.  

All of the elements of the precisely correct theory are there in Douglas, his
body of work from his thirty plus year public career, though not necessarily in
the Labour Party pamphlet--he was an intuitive genius.  But they are nowhere
coherently stated.  At times Douglas grasped and stated them better than at other
times.  I've not seen anything that indicates that any of his colleagues
understood them, although they were often able to parrot certain phrases and

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Subject: Re: [socialcredit] "Socialism and Social Credit"
Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009  23:20:44 (-0600)
From: Wallace Klinck

Hello Bill,

Would you be so kind as to send a copy to me also.  I don't believe it is in my
archives.  It may be in the SC collection at the University of Edinburgh in
Scotland.  Frances Hutchinson or Anne Goss at the SC Secretariat could provide
information re this.  ( secretary@socialcredit.co.uk ) I understand that a number
of SC documents have been placed in the archives at the University of Adelaide in
Australia as well.




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