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Subject:[socialcredit] Troubled/Shackled and lamenting!!!
Date:Sunday, June 14, 2009  22:36:13 (-0700)
From:Eric Encina <ericencina @.....com>

Dear Sir/Madame/Friends:

We desperately need any financial donation today, this week.


The given schedule of the major head  surgery of my son Felix John will be on June 17, 2009, Wednesday morning,  with the approximate  3 to 4 hours operation. There were delays due to repeated x-ray  and CT-scan procedures  that showed the fracture and damaged areas.

At present medicines, etc are continually  being administered to my son for protection.

Any kind of head injury is terrible and very dangerous.

The doctors have already explained to us clearly why there is a need of major surgery to clean up the damaged areas, remove dried blood inside and check the skull areas and thus  to protect my son’s brain.

The doctors explained to us the chances of recovery only the surgical operation risk of 1% to 2% assuring us confidently of  the best result!

My wife and I have been  terribly and extremely  lamenting,   shackled, tormented, troubled and depressed   about this accident,   the total scary  costs involved   for the said surgery is  US$1,000   more or less in Philippine Peso value  plus other expenses  the hospital bills, medicines, doctors, etc.

We desperately need any additional financial help in 24 to 48 hours time or within this week. Every dollar or amount of money  counts and helps us in this moment of disasters.

We are heavily stressed more than ever having lack of sleep, exhausted while we have other existing problems.

We have already given the down payment while we are tackling the daily hospital expenses and medicines, etc  and other essential needs.

Why it happened in times of greatest financial crisis and in the age of terrible problems of poverty and survival?

Oh my God! This is too much!!!!

We see how the enemies laugh at us in our present miserable situation!


Eric  V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer

c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km2,

Brgy. Lawa-an Village, 5800 Roxas City, Capiz Province,



--- On Sat, 6/13/09, Eric Encina <ericencina@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Eric Encina <ericencina@yahoo.com>
Subject: Immediate head surgery in 24 to 48 hours to save life
To: "Richard Cook" <rick@richardccook.com>, "Richard Cook" <rickycook21@hotmail.com>, "Richard Cook" <economicsanity@gmail.com>, "Peter Hollings" <PeterHollings@comcast.net>, "Peter Hollings" <phollings@alum.mit.edu>, "Peter Hollings" <phollings@ipt.org>
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 2:45 PM

--- On Sat, 6/13/09, Eric Encina <ericencina@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Eric Encina <ericencina@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fatal Accident of my Son: Life and Death in 3 days time: SURGERY
To: "Richard Cook" <rickycook21@hotmail.com>, "Richard Cook" <economicsanity@gmail.com>, "Peter Hollings" <PeterHollings@comcast.net>, "Peter Hollings" <phollings@alum.mit.edu>, "Peter Hollings" <phollings@ipt.org>
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 2:44 PM

Dear Sir (Mr. Richard Cook & Peter  Hollings)

Very very sorry and very very ashamed indeed. But can we do right now?

Can we ask a desperate favour that we are grateful for the lifetime?


We are completely tormented why it is savagely  happening to us!??

I am in the most literaly  despairing emergency today, in 3 to 5 days time.

We are doing our best at this very hour to have our  SON SAVE FROM the pangs of death:

ACCIDENT OF MY SON Felix John A. Encina, 10 years old.

My son Felix John A. Encina, 10 years of age, grade 4 Elementary Level got a FATAL ACCIDENT today, June 13, 2009, at around 9:00 AM when he fell off from the rooftop to the stony and rocky ground and his head is heavily injured with wounds and has been rushed to the nearby Hospital: The Roxas Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. He is a ICU area and the doctors (Dr. Juanillo Ballon) told us to have AN EMERGENCY HEAD SURGERY or operation before it gets worse and. If not, my son will die in 3 to 5 days time. We desperately need to pay a down payment for the operation in the amount of   $500 in Philippine Peso value of P25,000  more or less in 3 to 5 days time.

Without our knowledge and permission, he climbed at our rooftop to help to fix something at the worn out and broken parts of the rooftop due to flow of rain when the rooftop suddenly collapsed to the ground of this old and worn-out rented house.

We are numbed, shocked and deeply troubled more than ever when life is at greater risky.

What happened is inadvertent and beyond our control when we have other many problems existing and present in our works, struggles, health and threats and survival and SUDDENDLY AGGRAVATED BY THIS UNEXPECTED PROBLEMS.

We are the terrible mixed feelings of anger, fear, nervousness and troubles. We are in great panic at this moment. Successive crisis, panicking situations, problems make us tormented beyond measures.

We are using the last money from interest bearing loans for medicines,   for our interim measure emergency needs we have for palliative medical care to him when medicines are required every hour too expensive.


Too bad indeed that there is no such thing a s free medicines or free surgery here in the Philippines and we do not have any form of insurance.

What can we do in 3 to 5 days time to save the life of my son Felix John if there will be no operation and surgery to happen. I hate the medical doctors because they asked for DOWNPAYMENT FOR THE SURGERY when they can be paid after the surgery.

This is horrendous, mind-boggling and nerve-wracking.

My wife and I need to raise emergency $500   today for the surgery of my son felix immediately.

Can anyone or any others concerned   HELP US RIGHT NOW, help us in this time of life-death situation of my son. Please help save my son.

Can there be any emergency donation or financial assistance today from any others to save our son's life?

We humbly beg mercy and compassion with all our apologies for this moment of time.

Medical Donation for surgery  can be sent via Western Union, www.westernunion.com or via www.xoom.com

We are praying and hoping for any possibility of any help for us to raise that much-needed amount for life and death situation of my son at the ICU hospital for immediate surgery within 24 to 48 hours time.

We don't have any option as we are exhausted  but to contact you this time to find way to help us.

Please pray for us.

This amount of money, figure can certainly help to save life of Felix John from the pangs of death.

We will send you the photos of Felix John in the hospital.

Felix John is my well-trained son in Social Crediter and   monetary reform  even at younger age and is talking about the simple things how money is created at village-based elementary school.

We are desperately waiting today!!!!

Our endless and profoundest thanks and gratitude for all your tremendous sacrificial life-saving and mission backing.

Long live and God bless and rewards you forever!

Sincerely and Gratefully your with all words of apologies,

Eric V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter /Monetary Reformer

Filipino Alternative Solutions For Sustainable Survival Movement

c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite,

Km. 2, Brgy. Lawa-an, PO Box 8,

5800 Roxas City, Capiz,




$10 deposit in Philippine Peso value

Eric V. Encina
BPI Express Teller International
Savings Account No. 1109-0113-51

Roxas City Branch
, Capiz,
Routing Number
Roxas City Bank Tel. No. 036 6215711


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