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Subject:FW: RE: [YouthGAS_Exchange] transgender issues and funding
Date:Wednesday, April 6, 2005  14:23:28 (+1000)
From:Craig Andrews <craig.andrews @........au>


Wanting to -confirm- her female gender (which she knows she already is),
and making mature, sensible plans for her future, does not refer to being in
'two minds'.

This communication actually clearly indicates that she's planning for her
future as a legal-female. Nothing else.

Simply because this 17 yo girl's gametes are 'swimmers' doesn't mean she has
mental health issues.

With a likely future as a non-reproductive woman,
this young girl is doing the very sensible mature thing of planning for her

The desire to reproduce is independent of whether the gametes are sperm or

This 17 old year is showing considerable emotional and mental maturity to
seriously look at this decision of her future motherhood. While she may not
want children here and now, there might be a time in the future, when she
wants to have her own biologically related child, and therefore, she's
making responsible decisions accordingly.

Public funding should be available for such a humane exercise - this is a
young woman, facing like many other young women in Australia, the liklihood
she could become non-reproductive, (not through choice) but through a very
serious life-affirming medical process (like many other medical processes).

Furthermore, genetic counsellors would be aware that for many people
reproduction is a strong personal decision that actually requires good
mental and emotional maturity; which this 17 year old is clearly

Craig Andrews

> My extensive experience as a Mental Health Worker raises huge
> concerns regarding this persons mental and emotional maturity to
> make such a decision. This communication indicates to me that
> they really are still in two minds ie: wanting a gender change
> but also wanting to save sperm.
> Yes it is a very expensive exercise and whilst I do not question
> their right to do so, I would doubt public funding would be
> available for such an exercise.
> Cheers
> Kate

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