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Subject:Re: [YouthGAS_Exchange] transgender issues and funding
Date:Wednesday, April 6, 2005  14:46:56 (+1000)
From:Michael D. Robinson <michaeldrobinson @............au>
In reply to:Message 723 (written by Michelle)

I doubt there would be public funding available under federal or state, 
but it seems to be an issue that comes up and the information should be 
on the list.

While the person's privacy should be respected, no reason the issues 
shouldn't be robustly debated, particularly if public funding is 
involved, but for all manner of reasons.


On 06/04/2005, at 2:28 PM, Michelle wrote:

> From the point of someone who works with youth and within the media, a
> 17-year-old on youth allowance who wants to freeze his sperm with 
> government
> funded grants before he undergoes a tremendous emotional and physical 
> change
> is a news story and a potential target for the main stream 
> sensationalist
> media.
> P.s How hard do you think it is to find out who this is? Not hard!
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