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Subject:RE: [YouthGAS_Exchange] apology for the wording...
Date:Wednesday, April 6, 2005  14:57:30 (+1000)
From:Craig Andrews <craig.andrews @........au>

I didn't mean to say this:
> Some of you 'Youth Workers', apparently supportive of young people...
which reads very belligerantly. Not my style.

I meant to say this:
> Some of you whom are 'Youth Workers', apparently supportive of young
people, and
> especially on a youth-related email list please be more respectful of the
> pronouns here.
> There are others reading here, and some are young people.

The inverted commas aren't meant to imply any kind of suspicion or doubt in
the role of Youth Worker. They're there to include a range of roles some of
which don't carry a formal title of 'Youth Worker' but which really do bring
you into regular work with young people.


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