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Subject:[YouthGAS_Exchange] searching for community artists in SA (or those happy to travel) May-July 2005
Date:Wednesday, April 6, 2005  15:25:48 (+0930)
From:Bamford, Todd (HEALTH) <Todd.Bamford @.............au>

G'day All,

Are any YouthGassers community artists with an interest in music and young
people, or can you recommend people who are?

We're working with a group of young people who want to create a song / piece
of music on themes of resilience. Starting in the first week of May and
continuing through to the first week of July, we will be needing a community
artist to bring out our latent musical and songwriting abilities, and to
help us channel our energy into the recording and performance of a song or

The gig is x10 four-hour sessions (11am - 3pm) in Adelaide's Northern
Metropolitan Area.

We've put the feelers out care of a couple of community arts services,
however due to our tight timeframes I thought YouthGAS may be a good way to
reach people direct. Please drop me a line if you can recommend someone /

Best regards and thanks in advance.

Todd Bamford
Project Officer - Keeping It Together
(Auspiced by the City of Playford)
3-4 / 72 John Street
PO Box 487
Salisbury SA 5108 
p 	8281 1775
m	0423 025 568
f 	8285 7159

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