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Subject:[youthgas] aerosol art youth project
Date:Sunday, July 17, 2005  09:59:56 (+0100)
From:DK <dk @........dk>

Just wanted to share an example of good practice with you guys  
regarding a recent project I have just completed:  Graffology is an  
aerosol art project devised and developed by Phatgnat which links the  
Waste and Recycling company Viridor with the local youth service and  
a group of young people.

For more details please follow this link where you will be able to  
download the press release and also view pictures from this exciting  
pro-social project: http://phatgnat.typepad.com/phatgnat/2005/07/ 
graffology.html - you may also want to check out the Phatgnat  
corporate site - www.phatgnat.dk/projects - where there is a short  
video on the whole project...

Looking forward to hearing from you.


+44 (01823) 400716
Website: www.phatgnat.dk
Weblog: www.phatgnat.typepad.com

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