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Subject:[youthgas] China Disaster Preparedness-Get Involved!
Date:Thursday, April 17, 2008  17:44:04 (+1000)
From:Blomfield, Lucy <lblomfield @............au>


As we get ready for the Beijing Olympics the world is focusing on China, but behind the stories of wealth are many of poverty and hardship. Natural disasters are a major cause of poverty, especially for those in rural areas. In 2007 alone, almost 200 million people in China were affected by flooding.


Do something about this by getting involved with the 2008/09 Red Cross Youth International Project


Did you know…?

  • Every year millions of people in China lose their homes, food sources and livelihoods because of natural disasters like typhoons, hailstorms and floods.
  • Forty nine million people live in Guangxi, China and 80% of them are poor farmers, many who live on less than $1 a day.
  • Red Cross is working with local people in the Southern Chinese province of Guangxi to lessen the impact of natural disasters by developing community disaster preparedness plans.


The 2008/09 Red Cross Youth International Project focuses on working with Guangxi communities to prepare for disaster in one of the worlds poorest and most disaster prone regions. 


Stories from the field, project fact sheets and comprehensive lesson plans about disaster preparedness, community life in Guangxi, and ideas for fundraising can all be downloaded from the Red Cross website.



Want to find out more about the Red Cross Youth International Project: China Disaster Preparedness Project?



Lucy Blomfield
Youth & Education Services Project Officer
23-47 Villiers street, NORTH MELBOURNEVIC 3070
+61 3 8327 7965 | 

Email lblomfield@redcross.org.au





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