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Whether you're looking for a standard distribution list service or you need a powerful yet flexible platform to distribute your newsletters tightly integrated with your own services and brand, eListas offers you the most complete package in the market, from one of the leading companies in the field of distribution list management solutions.

Free and Standard List Hosting
Branded List Hosting
Segmented/Targeted Lists
Pricing and Service Request

Free and Standard List Hosting

This service includes the complete array of list management tools that has made eListas one of the most sought-after and popular mailing list services on the Internet.

Besides all the features listed in http://www.elistas.com/misc/features.html, the email addresses of the lists will have the format listname@eListas.com.

It is the perfect solution for those who need an inexpensive solution for managing and distributing their mailing lists or newsletters, without sacrificing functionality, flexibility and a powerful set of list management tools.

And when we say inexpensive, we really mean it! Not only our Standard List Hosting service costs only $55 per year, but also, if you don't mind some unobtrusive advertising, you can create your mailing list or newletter for free!

To get you started just go to the page Start your Mailing List, where you can create and activate in just a few minutes your own list.

If you would like to find out more about the Standard Hosting service, go to the Pricing and Service Request section at the end of this page to contact us.


Branded List Hosting

This is one of the services that has contributed the most to our success. eListas technology allows prompt distribution of millions of email messages in just a few hours, making it the ideal platform for launching marketing or advertising campaigns, newsletter distribution, etc. promptly and effectively.

In short, your distribution lists will include - unless you specify otherwise - the following features:

  • Lists Addresses will use your own domain names
  • Unlimited messages and subscribers
  • Forms and automated methods for subscription and unsubscription
  • May include customized message signatures
  • Customized deliveries, addressed to each member.
  • Subscription and unsubscription notifications
  • Statistics and follow-up information
  • Subscription management tools
  • Use of any message format (text, HTML, attachments, etc)
  • Tools to generate polls and review/analyze results
  • Automatic (or manual) message bounce management
  • Auto-responders
  • Use of a large server pool for fast message distribution
  • Plus the entire set of features described in http://www.elistas.com/misc/features.html

This service will also allow you to fully customize most of the brand and visual elements, so as to adapt them to your brand or site, creating an environment where it is your brand and look'n'feel - not ours - what the users would see, with the goal of offering your clients a useful service (be it participating in discussion lists, receive your newsletters or your company communication campaigns), while keeping them within your services, leaving the technical aspects to us.

If you would like to see some of the companies that are using this service, visit Your list, your brand.

Local User Management

When it comes to manage your list of subscribers or clients, many companies acquire this information by themselves. That is, the registration/cancellation systems are already in place and the company doesn't need new forms or means to register or unregister new users. Instead, what they want is that, once a user is registered in their site, he or she would automatically get subscribed to one or several distribution lists, and same thing when the user decides to unregister from the site.

For these companies, eListas technology allows you to transparently integrate the already in place registration process with the subscription or unsubscription from the list/s hosted at our system, all in real time, all under your control.

This way, your company will continue having the freedom of acquiring new subscribers or clients as you have always done it, while leaving to eListas the rest of the tasks - subscription/unsubscription, prompt mail distribution, etc.

Remote User Management

If your company does not currently have a registration system in place, or if you would simply rather leave this task to eListas, our technology offers several subscription/unsubscription methods that allow your users to perform these tasks easily.

From the classic listname-subscribe@listdomain.abc and listname-unsubscribe@listdomain.abc to complete subscription/unsubscription forms to one or several lists at once, that you can use in your web pages or emails.

If you are interested in this service, go to the Pricing and Service Request section at the end of this page.


Segmented/Targeted Lists

eListas technology is capable of promptly distributing millions and millions of messages in just a few hours, supported by an advanced platform to examine responses and statistics from your users or customers. This results in the ideal platform for you to execute fast and effective marketing and communication campaigns.

All of our services allow you to send messages to your clients or customers, and manage your own permission marketing lists, or submit or add polls to your messages, but this service also adds the possibility to deliver segmented mailings to your subscriptors at any time. That is, given a particular criteria, you are able to send a message to a specific group of members within a list. For example, you may decide to send a message only to members that live in Italy and that are 30 or more years old.

For that purpose, you can request subscribers to enter additional data when subscribing, such as name, country, age, gender, etc. and all the additional fields can be configured to be mandatory or not.

Furthermore, you can determine how many people opened a given message (open rate), or click on any of the links you provided in your messages (click-through rate).

And if you still don't have the tools to recruit additional information about your users or customers, eListas offers you these tools so that you can start enhancing your loyalty techniques by using one of the most powerful tools available on Internet.


Pricing and Service Request

Our standard fees for the services described above can be found here.

If you would like to receive more information or have any questions about any of these services, please visit http://www.elistas.com/contact-services.html and please include in your message the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of your company if applicable
  • Where are you located (Country/State)
  • A brief description of your products or services
  • The service you're interested in and your needs in general terms.
  • When are you planning to launch this service?

Of course, don't hesitate to include any additional information you think might be relevant or important to us to better serve you.

All submitted information will be kept confidential.

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