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There are dozens of study reports from McKinsey, A.T. Kearney, Forrester Research, Gartner and a long etc. that highlight the enormous benefits of using distribution lists, whether as a channel to study customer behavior, a tool to reach or communicate with your customers, or just so many other ways in which distribution lists can be a true asset to your business.

Whether this is the first time you're exploring the opportunities offered by distribution lists or you're quite familiar with them, this page will give you a small introduction not only to the services offered by eListas.com but also to how you can take advantage of this service in order to improve your business communications, customer loyalty, etc.

Reasons for using distribution lists
The Power of Online Polls
Industry Solutions

Reasons for using distribution lists

Distribution lists are tools that can easily help you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, support revenue, minimize costs, extend your brand, differentiate from your competitors, support network effects, and a long etcetera.

Sure, almost every company quickly talks about how their product or service helps reducing costs, increase revenue and perhaps improve customer relations. But the fact is, every day, more and more companies, large and small, use distribution lists one way or another. And that's because there is no empty statement when it comes to define how well this tool really delivers results.

So, how exactly can distribution lists deliver?

Customer satisfaction

When customers communicate on an environment where your brand is present, their identification with your products or services raises, creating a stronger brand loyalty.

Even when negative comments arise, these often become an opportunity to gain customer confidence, as company representatives listen in to and respond directly in public to such input.


When you can read what your customers or clients are talking among each other, you can acquire a knowledge that otherwise would be hard to obtain. And by being able to get your message to your customers quickly and inexpensively, they will not be left out of the loop.

Product/Service awareness

By either interacting with your customers or communicating with them on a one-to-many channel, not only you can help them with products or services they use, but also can extend their knowledge and setting the foundation to learn about - and sometimes purchasing - additional products or services, increasing customer brand awareness

Increase Revenue

Most consulting firms agree that companies can expect two thirds of their online generated revenue from nearly half of the members who participate in their group communication channels - i.e. distribution lists - or are members of their online publications or newsletters.

Not only that, but a company newsletter is also a perfect channel to advertise, normally obtaining a response ratio much higher than straight-forward email marketing campaigns.

Bringing them all together

These are just some of the benefits of using distribution lists. They are somewhat related, and that's another reason why distribution lists deliver results - one goal leads to another while the medium pushes forward each step of the way.

Product awareness delivers customer satisfaction, which in turn, causes customer retention, resulting in increased revenue. Now, when there is a tool that can actually raise the levels of each of these stages all by itself, it makes sense to see that it has become a must for every business.


The Power of Online Polls

Along with each distribution list, eListas.com includes a powerful tool to launch online polls to query your customers about questions that would help you make better decisions. These tools allow your customers to provide their answers both, by email and via web forms, and the results are collected by our system so that you can analyze them.

We are not just talking about simple polls like "Did you like this movie, yes or no" (although you could create a poll just for that if you want to), but about a highly customizable Online Poll tool you can really benefit from.

That by itself provides you with countless benefits:

  • Faster turnaround. Get results more quickly than with conventional surveys.
  • Lower costs than telephone or mail surveys.
  • Customers answer at their convenience as the polls remain active 24/7 until you decide so.
  • By sending the polls to a particular audience you obtain results from qualified respondents regardless of where they are geographically.
  • You obtain immediate results.

Online polls can be included in your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter or posted on your web site, and give your customers a chance to get involved easily.


Industry Solutions

eListas technology delivers results to a wide range of businesses, from media and entertainment to publishing, education and research, automotive, government, financial services, retail, service providers, consulting, advertising, pharmaceutical and healthcare, etc.

Why? Because they all benefit from reaching to their customers, from communicating with them, keeping them informed or marketing their products or services. Some brief examples:

  • Media and Entertainment
    Keep your audience updated with upcoming events. Allow them to discuss online a particular author, artist or event. Let them know about your purchasing services to special events, etc.

  • Education and Research
    Collaborative solutions are a key instrument in education and research areas. Form project groups, deliver content to your students... or instructors.

  • Automotive
    Advertise your latest models, news and trends of the market. Reinforce brand loyalty.

  • Government
    Raise awareness and seek for backing about political issues among your supporters. Keep them informed about current issues. Provide channels for discussions.

  • Financial Services
    Keep your customers informed about new and existing services. Connect with corporate offices and other agents about best sales practices or products.

  • Retail
    Market new products and "hot" offers, reinforce brand loyalty. Obtain insights from your own customers by offering discussion boards.

  • Internet Providers
    Inform your customers about new services or system updates. Or why not, offer them this same solution - distribution lists - to enhance their own business.

  • Consulting
    Deliver articles to your paid subscribers, inform them or new market trends, generate polls to aid you in your own researches.

  • Health Care
    Promote online discussions among your clients, creating brand membership. Advertise new services or products.

These are just some ways in which distribution lists can help certain industries. The list doesn't end here, and certainly not only these industries can benefit in many other ways but also many more industries can also get amazing results from using distribution lists.

If you are not sure how distribution lists can help your business, contact us by visiting http://www.elistas.com/contact-services.html and one of our expert consultants will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you might have.


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